My MInd, Blown, about Solarpunk

As part of my research for my next book I was doing an ordinary Google search on the topic of "solarpunk." I've been thinking about solarpunk for a long time but haven't really looked at it carefully for years so I thought I'd see what else is out there.

Well, I was blown away when I followed a link to a "Solarpunk Reference Guide" put together by the people at Because the first thing they listed in their guide (which is arranged chronologically) was a post that I wrote in 2008 on an old blog of mine.

Let me be clear here. I'm not claiming credit for being the inventor of the idea of solarpunk. It's obvious to me that a bunch of people came to the idea independently. But I am one of the people who came to it independently and I wrote a post about it at the time. And the solarpunks at tumblr found that obscure little post and remembered it and put it into their introduction to the idea. I am both flattered and flummoxed. And also reinforced in the determination to write a solarpunk novel for my next writing project.


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